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Catchpoint is a Digital Performance Analytics platform that gives you the power to deliver amazing user experiences.

Connect Catchpoint and Datadog to:

  • Configure comprehensive alerts in your event stream
  • Direct links to Analysis Charts in the Catchpoint Portal
  • Alert Type tags for easy filtering



No installation is required.


To get Catchpoint alerts into your stream, login into the Catchpoint Portal and goto Settings -> API.

  1. In the Alerts API select Enable

  2. Enter the DataDog Endpoint URL.<YOUR_DATADOG_API_KEY>

    You will also need the DataDog API Key which can be created in the DataDog portal.

  3. Set Status to Active

  4. Select Template for Format

  5. Add a new template

  6. Enter the template Name e.g. DataDog and set the Format to JSON.

  7. Use the following JSON Template and Save it.

    "title": "${TestName} [${TestId}] - ${switch(${notificationLevelId},'0','WARNING','1','CRITICAL','3','OK')}",
    "text": "${TestName} -${testId}&uts=${alertProcessingTimestampUtc}&z=&chartView=1",
    "priority": "normal",
    "tags": [
        "alertType:${Switch(${AlertTypeId},'0', 'Unknown','2', 'Byte Length','3','Content Match','4', 'Host Failure','7', 'Timing','9', 'Test Failure', '10',Insight', '11','Javascript Failure', '12', 'Ping',13, 'Requests')}"
    "alert_type": "${switch(${notificationLevelId},'0','warning','1','error','3','success')}",
    "source_type_name": "catchpoint"

Catchpoint will now send any alerts directly to the Events stream in DataDog.

Data Collected


The Catchpoint integration does not include metrics.


The Catchpoint integration will push Catchpoint events to your Datadog event stream.

Service Checks

The Catchpoint integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.