Capture commits and pull requests events directly from Bitbucket Cloud or Server to:

  • Keep track of code changes in real time
  • Add code change markers on all of your dashboards
  • Discuss code changes with your team

Once the integration is set up, items you select (commits and/or pull requests) populate in your Datadog Event Stream.


  • When commits are made.
  • When a PR is created.
  • When a comment is made/deleted on a PR.



See Bitbucket’s documentation to Manage webhooks for any Bitbucket behaviors you want to track in Datadog. Set the webhook URL to:<YOUR_DATADOG_API_KEY>

See Bitbucket’s documentation to Manage IP addresses ensure you have the correct IP ranges allow-listed for outgoing connections so events are received as expected.


The Bitbucket integration is configured through the integration tile.

  1. Enter the full name of each repository you want to monitor. If the URL for your repository is, then enter groupname/reponame in the Repository textbox.

  2. Select the type of events to send to Datadog:

    • Bitbucket Cloud: choose from the full list of triggers (Commits, Pull Requests, or Issues).
    • Bitbucket Server: select Commits or Pull Requests.
  3. Click Update Configuration.


Each entry in the integration tile is validated when you enter it.

Use case

Overlay Bitbucket events on your dashboard graphs by typing sources:bitbucket in the top left search bar. See the example GIF at the top of this page.

Data Collected


The Bitbucket integration does not include any metric.


Bitbucket events, including commits and pull requests from both Bitbucket Cloud and Server, are forwarded to Datadog.

Service Checks

The Bitbucket integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.

Further Reading

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