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Capture commits and pull requests events directly from Bitbucket Cloud or Server to:

  • Keep track of code changes in real time
  • Add code change markers on all of your dashboards
  • Discuss code changes with your team

We’ve written extensively about the Bitbucket integration on our blog. Once the integration is complete, whatever you select (commits and/or pull requests) will populate into your Datadog Event Stream.

  • When commits are made
  • When a PR is created
  • When a comment is made/deleted on a PR

If you view a dashboard, in the top left search bar you can type sources:bitbucket to see bitbucket events overlayed over your the graphs on that dashboard.



See Bitbucket’s documentation and set up webhooks for any Bitbucket behaviors you want to track in Datadog. Set the webhook URL to:<YOUR_DATADOG_API_KEY>


  1. Add the Bitbucket integration in your Datadog application.

  2. Enter the full name of each repository you want to monitor. If the URL for your repository is, then enter groupname/reponame in the Repo full name textbox.

  3. Check which type of events you would like to collect:

    • Commits
    • Pull Requests
    • Issues
  4. Click Update Configuration.


Each entry in the integration tile is validated when you enter it. There is nothing else you need to do.

Data Collected


The Bitbucket integration does not include any metric at this time.


The Bitbucket integration does not include any event at this time.

Service Checks

The Bitbucket integration does not include any service check at this time.


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