Amazon EventBridge
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Amazon EventBridge

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Datadog’s integration with Amazon EventBridge offers the following features:

  • Create custom event buses across your integrated AWS accounts
  • Send Datadog alert notification events into the event buses of your choice
  • Within AWS, set up triggers on your event buses with services like Kinesis, Lambda, and more
  • Use the information within the alert event to execute auto-remediation pipelines and runbooks, run analytics queries, etc.


If you haven’t already, set up the Amazon Web Services integration first.


  1. Ensure that the main AWS integration is installed for each AWS account that will receive alert notifications.
  2. Ensure the following exists in the permissions policy for Datadog – AWS Role(s): events:CreateEventBus
  3. The AWS EventBridge integration is automatically installed with the main AWS integration.


  1. Navigate to the Datadog - Amazon EventBridge integration tile to see a list of AWS accounts integrated in Datadog where you can create Event Bridges.
  2. Within the AWS account of choice, create a new event bus by providing a name and selecting the region where you want it to exist.
  3. Within Datadog alerts, use the @awseventbridge-<MY_EVENT_BUS> syntax to send alert notifications to your event buses.
  4. Within AWS, connect your event buses to targets such as Lambda, Kinesis, and many other services to create event-driven workflows.
  5. Examples of Datadog use cases can be found on our partner page in the AWS Console.
  6. To disconnect an event bus in Datadog, hover over the event bus of your choice and press the trash icon. Note: This action disconnects the event bus from AWS, but does not delete the event bus itself within AWS.

Data Collected


The Amazon EventBridge integration does not include any metrics.


The Amazon EventBridge integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Amazon EventBridge integration does not include any service checks.


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