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Altostra integrates with cloud computing services to provide your development teams with end-to-end workflows.

The Datadog Altostra integration enables you to automatically instrument your Altostra projects during deployment to send logs and metrics to your Datadog account. Control the integration configuration per deployment environment.



The Datadog Altostra integration is built-in. No installation is required.


The Datadog integration is available in the Altostra Web Console under integrations on the account settings page.

  1. Go to the Integrations section in your Altostra account settings.
  2. Click on Connect for the Datadog integration.
  3. Enter a display name for the integration.
  4. Enter your Datadog account API key.
  5. Click OK to finish configuring the integration.
  6. Go to the Environments and click on the environment for which you wish to configure log shipping.
  7. Under Settings, select the integration you configured in the previous steps from the Log shipping selection.
  8. Click Save Changes.


  1. Deploy an Altostra project that contains a Lambda function to any environment you’ve configured for log shipping to Datadog.
  2. Invoke the Lambda function.
  3. You should see the Lambda function logs appear in the Logs view in Datadog.


Need help? Contact Datadog Support.