Getting Started with the Agent

Getting Started with the Agent


The Agent is lightweight software installed on your hosts. It reports metrics and events from your host to Datadog using integrations, DogStatsD, or the API. With additional setup, the Agent can report live processes, logs, and traces.


If you haven’t already, create a Datadog account.


The Agent can be installed on many different platforms either directly on the host or as a containerized version. Most systems have a one-line install option.

Choose your platform to see installation instructions:


The Agent’s main configuration file is datadog.yaml. The required parameters are your Datadog API key which is used to associate your Agent’s data with your organization and the Datadog site (). See the sample config_template.yaml for all available configuration options.

For the container Agent, datadog.yaml configuration options are passed in with environment variables, for example:

  • DD_API_KEY for the Datadog API key
  • DD_SITE for the Datadog site


Run the Agent’s status command to verify installation.


See Agent Commands to Start, Stop or Restart your Agent.

Data Collected



The metrics below are available with Agent v6. For Agent v5, see the Agent Metrics integration.

Metric Description
datadog.agent.python.version Shows a value of 1 if the Agent is reporting to Datadog. The metric is tagged with the python_version.
datadog.agent.running Shows a value of 1 if the Agent is reporting to Datadog.
datadog.agent.started A count sent with a value of 1 when the Agent starts (available in v6.12+).


Depending on your platform, the Agent has several core checks enabled by default that collect metrics.

Check Metrics Platforms
CPU System All
Disk Disk All
Docker Docker Docker
File Handle System All except Mac
IO System All
Load System All except Windows
Memory System All
Network Network All
Uptime System All
Winproc System Windows

To collect metrics from other technologies, see the Integrations page.


The Agent sends events to Datadog when an Agent is started or restarted.

Service checks

datadog.agent.up: Returns OK if the Agent is able to connect to Datadog.

datadog.agent.check_status: Returns CRITICAL if an Agent check is unable to send metrics to Datadog, otherwise returns OK.


For help troubleshooting the Agent:

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