Connect APM Data with Other Telemetry

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Correlating data by various Datadog products gives context to help estimate the business impact and find the root cause of an issue in a few clicks. Set up connections between incoming data to facilitate quick pivots in your explorers and dashboards.

Connect Logs and Traces

Inject trace IDs into logs, and leverage unified service tagging to find the exact logs associated with a specific service and version, or all logs correlated to an observed trace. See Connect Logs and Traces to set it up.

Connect Logs And Traces

Connect RUM and Traces

Correlate data collected in front end views with trace and spans on the back end by Connecting RUM and Traces. Pinpoint issues anywhere in your stack and understand what your users are experiencing.

Connect RUM sessions and traces

Connect Synthetics and Traces

Follow the data from failing synthetic tests directly through to the root causes by digging into related traces. Connect Synthetics and Traces to speed up troubleshooting your code.

Synthetic tests

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