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A query is composed of terms and operators.

There are two types of terms:

  • A single term is a single word such as test or hello.
  • A sequence is a group of words surrounded by double quotes, such as "hello dolly".

To combine multiple terms into a complex query, you can use any of the following Boolean operators:

ANDIntersection: Both terms are in the selected views. If no operator is used, AND is used by default.
ORUnion: Either term is contained in the selected views.
-Exclusion: The following term is not in the view.


Use the search bar’s autocomplete functionality to complete your queries with existing values.

Numerical values

You can search for a numerical attribute within a specific range. For example, retrieve all batches with an average duration between two and ten nanoseconds in the Duration facet. The search query updates with Duration:[2-10].

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