Monitoring Azure App Service

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Microsoft Azure App Service is a group of serverless resources that enable you to build and host web apps, mobile backends, event-driven functions, and RESTful APIs without managing infrastructure. It can host workloads of all sizes and offers auto-scaling and high availability options.

Datadog provides monitoring capabilities for all Azure App Service resource types:

Datadog provides additional monitoring capabilities for the following Azure App Service workload runtimes on Basic, Standard, and Premium plans:

OSRuntimeApp TypeStatusDocumentation
Windows.NETFunction App & Web AppGAWindows .NET setup
WindowsJavaWeb AppGAWindows Java setup
WindowsNodeWeb AppGAWindows Node setup
Linux.NETWeb AppGALinux .NET setup
LinuxNodeWeb AppGALinux Node setup
LinuxPHPWeb AppGALinux PHP setup
LinuxJavaWeb AppGALinux Java setup
LinuxPythonWeb AppGALinux Python setup
LinuxContainerWeb AppGALinux Container setup


  • Fully distributed APM tracing using automatic instrumentation
  • Customized APM service and trace views showing relevant Azure App Service metrics and metadata
  • Manual APM instrumentation to customize spans
  • Trace_ID injection into application logs
  • Custom metrics with DogStatsD

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