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Once you’ve started collecting data for your RUM applications, you can leverage Datadog platform capabilities to visualize, monitor, and analyze data across RUM and the rest of your connected stack.

Create dashboards

Use dashboards to track, analyze, and display key performance and usage metrics.

RUM dashboard

Configure monitors

Configure monitors to notify your teams, and manage alerts at a glance on the Alerting platform.

A monitor configured to alert on the error rate of a cart page. This monitor has two queries (a and b) and contains a formula: (a/b)*100.

Generate Custom Metrics

Generate custom metrics to track application KPIs over an extended period of time of up to 15 months.

Generate a RUM-based custom metric

Connect RUM and Traces

Connect RUM and Traces to Link frontend requests to their corresponding backend traces and pinpoint issues anywhere in your stack.

RUM and Traces

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