Quality Gates

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Quality Gates allows you to gate your workflows based on signals in Datadog. Use Quality Gates to:

  • Create rules that can block your workflows by using data in Datadog.
  • Give your teams control over what code makes it to production and what doesn’t.
  • Continually improve code quality with precise enforcement.

With Quality Gates, you have control over what is merged into the default branch and deployed. You can ensure that the code running in production meets high quality standards, reducing incidents and minimizing unwanted behaviors.

Create rules

You can create rules to block code from being merged if it introduces new flaky tests, code security violations, or issues that wouldn’t normally fail your CI/CD pipelines and end up deployed to production.

To create Quality Gate rules, see the Setup documentation.

Search rules

To access Quality Gate rules, see the Search and Manage documentation.

Track changes in rules

You can view information about who created, modified, and deleted Quality Gates rules in Audit Trail.

For more information, see the Audit Trail documentation.

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