Export Monitor Alerts to CSV

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Download a history of Monitor Alerts through the hourly monitor data, which generates a CSV for the past 6 months (182 days). This CSV is not live; it is updated once a week on Monday at 11:59AM UTC.


  • This feature is only supported for the Datadog US site.
  • You need to be an administrator of your organization to access the CSV file.

To fetch the CSV using curl, use the following:


curl -G \
    "https://app.datadoghq.com/report/hourly_data/monitor" \
    -d "api_key=${api_key}" \
    -d "application_key=${app_key}" \

Example response:


2022-10-23 20,example_host_name,"Host name: {{host.name}} Name name: {{name.name}}",<user_email>,67

This feature is not supported.