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With the Datadog Angular integration, resolve performance issues quickly in Angular components by:

  • Debugging the root cause of performance bottlenecks, such as a slow server response time, render-blocking resource, or error inside a component
  • Automatically correlating Angular performance data with user journeys, AJAX calls to the server side, and logs
  • Alerting your engineering teams when crucial performance metrics for Angular (such as Core Web Vitals) fall below a threshold that results in a poor user experience

Monitor your Angular applications from end-to-end by:

  • Tracking and visualizing user journeys across your entire stack
  • Debugging the root cause of slow load times, which may be an issue with your Angular code, network performance, or underlying infrastructure
  • Analyzing and contextualizing every user session with attributes such as user ID, email, name, and more
  • Unifying full-stack monitoring in one platform for frontend and backend development teams


Collect RUM events

To start collecting Real User Monitoring events from your application, see Browser Monitoring.

Collect traces

Your Angular application automatically sends traces to Datadog.

Collect logs

To start forwarding your Angular application’s logs to Datadog, see JavaScript Log Collection.

Data Collected


The Angular integration does not include any metrics. To generate custom metrics from your RUM application, see Generate Metrics.


For more information about events and attributes, see RUM Browser Data Collected.

Service Checks

The Angular integration does not include any service checks.


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