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Organize and streamline your expanding dashboard collection with Dashboard List features. Group dashboards into lists, assign them to specific teams, and mark important ones as favorites for fast access to key visualizations. Manage dashboard organization further by using functionalities like filtering by Teams, performing bulk actions for efficient management, and assigning Teams to multiple dashboards. Explore, create, and manage custom or integrated dashboards effortlessly on the Dashboard List page. View and manage your dashboards:

View all dashboards

The All Dashboards table lists dashboards in your Datadog organization, either custom created or available as an out-of-the-box dashboard. Select multiple dashboards in the table to conduct bulk actions, such as associating Teams with dashboards or adding dashboards to lists.

You can sort by column headers Name, Modified, and Popularity.

StarAll dashboards starred by the current user.
NameThe name of the custom or preset dashboard.
AuthorThe profile icon of the dashboard’s creator.
TeamsTeams assigned to the dashboard.
ModifiedThe last modified date of a custom dashboard.
PopularityThe relative popularity of the dashboard for your organization.
IconAn icon indicating the type of dashboard (Timeboard or Screenboard).


An organization’s most popular dashboard displays five popularity bars. All other dashboards are relative to this dashboard. Popularity is based on the amount of traffic a dashboard receives. Popularity is updated daily; new dashboards have zero popularity bars for up to 24 hours.

Note: Traffic to public dashboard URLs is ignored for popularity.


Use the My Teams toggle to switch between viewing all dashboards and only dashboards owned by your teams.

To edit the teams associated with one or more dashboards, take the following steps:

  1. Select the checkbox next to each dashboard you wish to modify.
  2. Open the Edit Teams dropdown in the upper right.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the appropriate teams for the dashboards.
  4. Click Apply Changes.


Dashboard lists groups dashboards so you and your team can switch between dashboards within the same context. You can add dashboards to preset lists or to a custom list.

  1. To create a dashboard list, click + New List in the upper right.
  2. Click the pencil icon to change a list’s title. The list’s title is automatically set with the user’s first name. For example, John's list.
  3. Add dashboards to a list. In the All Dashboards table, check the checkboxes next to the Dashboard title. Then click the Add to dropdown in the upper right corner of the Dashboard list and select the list.

The left sidebar displays all lists, which you can filter by Team or through search terms. Toggle Hide Controls to hide this sidebar.

Favorite lists

Favorite lists are dashboard lists starred by the current logged in user. Note: If you have no starred lists, the Favorite Lists category is hidden.

Preset lists

Preset lists are out-of-the-box dashboard lists in Datadog:

All CustomCustom dashboards made by any team member in your organization’s account.
All HostsAutomatic dashboards created by Datadog when you add a host.
All IntegrationsAutomatic dashboards created by Datadog when you install an integration.
All SharedDashboards with authenticated or public link sharing enabled.
Created By YouCustom dashboards created by the current user.
Frequently Viewed By YouAll dashboards frequently viewed by the current user.
Recently DeletedDashboards deleted within the last 30 days. Restore deleted dashboards from this list.
Security and ComplianceOut-of-the-box Security dashboards.

Restore deleted dashboards

Use the preset Recently Deleted list to restore deleted dashboards. From the list, select all dashboards to restore and click Restore to. Select a specific list to restore the dashboards to, or select All Custom to restore them without a custom list. Dashboards in Recently Deleted are permanently deleted after 30 days.

Restore deleted dashboard on the Recently Deleted list

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