Example Natural Language Queries

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Bits AI enables natural language querying for service health and ownership of your services, and allows for retrieval of related Datadog resources. You can inquire about on-call personnel, dashboards, service status, and dependencies using natural language questions. In this guide, see example queries for:


Find errors in AWS CloudTrail where a user is assuming a different user's role:

Query result for user role changes

Create a pie chart of error logs by service:

Query result for a pie chart of error logs by service

Show me patterns of errors for users checking out:

Query result for user checkout errors

APM traces

Show me traces for web-store that are slower than 1s:

Query result for slow traces

Infrastructure data (Inventories SQL)

Bits AI includes access to Inventories SQL, which is in private beta.

Infrastructure resource data can be queried in Inventories SQL.

How many hosts am I running by availability zone?:

Query result for host count by availability zone

Show me the security groups open to the Internet:

Query result for exposed security groups

Cloud cost

Show me how much each team spends on the web-store service:

Query result for service spend per team

AWS products with >5% increase in costs:

Query result for AWS products with an increase in costs


Crashes in the iOS app over the past 1 week:

Query result for iOS app crashes

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