Setting Up Database Monitoring for Oracle Exadata

Database Monitoring is not supported for this site.

Database Monitoring provides deep visibility into your Oracle databases by exposing query samples to profile your different workloads and diagnose issues.

Before completing the steps below, verify that you have met the prerequisites for Database Monitoring.


Complete the following steps to enable Database Monitoring with your database:

Multi-node Exadata

Configure the Agent for each node by following the instructions for Oracle RAC.

Single-node Exadata

Configure the Agent by following the instructions for self-hosted Oracle databases.


Run the Agent’s status subcommand and look for oracle-dbm under the Checks section. Navigate to the Databases page in Datadog to get started.

Custom queries

Database Monitoring supports custom queries for Oracle databases. See the conf.yaml.example to learn more about the configuration options available.

Running custom queries may result in additional costs or fees assessed by Oracle.

Further reading

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