Upgrading to PostgreSQL 15 and higher

Run this command on each database host to enable the additional permission needed for the datadog user:


Agent versions prior to 7.49 may be unable to connect to PostgreSQL RDS instances without a configuration change. New RDS instances have a default value of 1 for the rds.force_ssl parameter. In Agent versions prior to 7.49, this causes the following error when the Agent tries to issue queries:

FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "HOSTNAME", user "datadog", database "postgres", no encryption

To allow the Agent to connect with SSL, add the following setting to each instance config where host and port are specified:

ssl: allow

Restart the agent after applying this change.

Agent versions prior to 7.50 may attempt to connect to the cloudsqladmin database. This can cause error logs on the database as well as warning logs in the Agent. In order to silence those logs, add cloudsqladmin to the ignore_databases list:

  - template%
  - rdsadmin
  - azure_maintenance
  - cloudsqladmin

If using database autodiscovery, also add cloudsqladmin to excluded databases:

   - cloudsqladmin