Log Stream Widget
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Log Stream Widget

The Log Stream displays a log flow matching the defined query:



Log stream setup

Enter a log query to filter the log stream.



Display values of your facets and measures with columns.

Global time

On screenboards only, choose whether your widget has a custom timeframe or the screenboard’s global timeframe.


Display a custom title for your widget by activating the Show a Title check box:

Optionally define its size and alignment.


The dedicated widget JSON schema definition for the log stream widget is:

    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
        "type": {"enum": ["log_stream"]},
        "logset": {"type": "string"},
        "indexes": {"type": "array", "items": {"type": "string"}},
        "query": {"type": "string"},
        "columns": {"type": "array", "items": {"type": "string"}},
        "title": {"type": "string"},
        "title_size": {"type": "string"},
        "title_align": {"enum": ["center", "left", "right"]},
        "time": TIME_SCHEMA
    "required": ["type"],
    "additionalProperties": false
typeStringYesType of the widget, for the log stream widget use log_stream.
logsetStringNo(Deprecated) Use ‘indexes’ instead. The ID of the index to query in the stream.
indexesArrayNoAn array of index names to query in the stream. Use [] to query all indexes at once.
queryStringNoThe query to filter the log stream.
columnsArrayNoThe columns to display on the widget.
show_date_columnBooleanNoWhether to show the date column or not.
show_message_columnBooleanNoWhether to show the message column or not.
message_displayStringNoThe amount of log lines to display.
sortObjectNoThe column and order to sort by.
titleStringNoThe title of the widget.
title_sizeStringNoThe size of the title.
title_alignStringNoHow to align the title. The available values are center, left, or right.
timeObjectNoThe time setting for the widget. For details, see the Time JSON schema documentation.

Further Reading

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