Per second

per_second()Graph the rate at which the metric is changing per second.per_second(<METRIC_NAME>{*})

Per minute

per_minute()Graph the rate at which the metric is changing per minute.per_minute(<METRIC_NAME>{*})

Per hour

per_hour()Graph the rate at which the metric is changing per hour.per_hour(<METRIC_NAME>{*})

Time difference

dt()Graph the time difference in seconds between submitted points.dt(<METRIC_NAME>{*})

The dt() function returns only one timeseries regardless of how many groups are involved. Within that one timeseries, it considers the time difference of all the submitted points across the various groups.

Value difference

diff()Graph the delta of the metric.diff(<METRIC_NAME>{*})

Calculates the difference between each interval on a per interval basis. For example, a metric submits data points with a 15 second interval, the diff() modifier would show it over 15 second rate. Note: The calculation is done after applying time aggregation and before space aggregation takes place.

Monotonic difference

monotonic_diff()Graph the delta of the metric like diff() but only if the delta is positive.monotonic_diff(<METRIC_NAME>{*})


derivative()Graph the derivative (diff/dt) of the metric.derivative(<METRIC_NAME>{*})

Other functions

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