Continuous Testing Settings


You can access Continuous Testing settings on the Synthetic Monitoring & Continuous Testing Settings page.

Default settings for Continuous Testing

By default, all your tests running in CI/CD pipelines run sequentially (one after the other). To change this behavior, set a parallelization value and save your selection.


Parallel tests are tests that run simultaneously in your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

A diagram that explains the benefits of parallelization vs. sequential test runs

This ensures you can:

  • Reduce pipeline duration and ship new features faster
  • Increase development confidence and speed of delivery
  • Have complete test coverage and reduce the volume of production-breaking bugs from reaching your codebase

Estimate parallelization

Click Estimate Parallelization to see how many tests Datadog recommends running in parallel based on your Continuous Testing metrics.

Completing the Estimate Parallelization wizard in Continuous Testing Settings

After specifying the expected duration for testing in your CI pipeline and, optionally, the average number of tests per CI batch, the Estimated Parallelization section calculates the amount of parallelization you want to set:

$$\text"estimated parallelization" = {\text"average numbers of tests per CI batch" * \text"average test duration"} / \text"expected duration in your CI pipeline"$$

Set parallelization

  1. Under Set your preferences, select the Parallelization option.
  2. Customize the parallelization you need based on how many tests you want to run in parallel.
  3. Click Save Selection.
  4. Confirm your selection.
Setting parallelization for Continuous Testing


In order to customize the parallelization for Continuous Testing, you must have the billing_edit permission.

Otherwise, the following error displays: You're missing edit permission for Continuous Testing settings. You can run your tests with a parallelization of X (up to X tests running at the same time at a given point during your CI). To increase this value, reach out to your administrator

For more information, see Datadog Role Permissions.

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