Set up Tracing on GitHub Actions Workflows

Set up Tracing on GitHub Actions Workflows

The selected Datadog site () is not supported.

The GitHub Actions integration is in beta. There are no billing implications for activating the GitHub Actions integration during this period.


Supported GitHub versions:

  • (SaaS)

GitHub Enterprise is not supported.

Configuring the Datadog integration

The GitHub Actions integration uses a private GitHub App to collect workflow information. To create the app:

  1. Go to the GitHub Apps Integration tile.
  2. Click Link GitHub Account.
  3. Follow the instructions to configure the integration for a personal or organization account.
  4. In Edit Permissions, grant Actions: Read access.
  5. Click Create App in GitHub to finish the app creation process GitHub.
  6. Give the app a name, for example, Datadog CI Visibility.
  7. Click Install GitHub App and follow the instructions on GitHub.

After the GitHub App is created and installed, recently finished GitHub Actions workflows appear in CI Visibility pages.

Visualize pipeline data in Datadog

The Pipelines and Pipeline Executions pages populate with data after the pipelines finish.

Note: The Pipelines page shows data for only the default branch of each repository.

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