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Codefresh is a continuous integration and delivery platform built for Kubernetes which offers automation features that streamline the building, testing, and deploying of your applications.

Set up tracing in Codefresh to collect data on each step of your pipelines, analyze performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot operational challenges, and monitor your deployment workflows.


Pipeline VisibilityPlatformDefinition
Partial retriesPartial pipelinesView partially retried pipeline executions.
Manual stepsManual stepsView manually triggered pipelines.
ParametersParametersSet custom parameters (for example, Codefresh variables) when a pipeline is triggered.
Pipeline failure reasonsPipeline failure reasonsIdentify pipeline failure reasons from error messages.

Configure the Datadog integration

To set up the Datadog integration for Codefresh:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Configuration > Integrations in Codefresh and click CONFIGURE on the Datadog row.
  3. Fill the form with the following information:
  4. Click SAVE to save the integration.

Visualize pipeline data in Datadog

The CI Pipeline List and Executions pages populate with data after the pipelines finish.

The CI Pipeline List page shows data for only the default branch of each repository.

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