Continuous Integration Visibility

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This page is about bringing your continuous integration (CI) metrics and data into Datadog dashboards. If you want to run Continuous Testing tests in your CI pipelines, see the Continuous Testing and CI/CD section.


Datadog Continuous Integration (CI) Visibility provides a unified view of pipeline results, performance, trends, and reliability across your CI environments. By integrating Datadog with your CI pipelines, you can create monitors, display data within Datadog dashboards and notebooks, and create visualizations for your organization’s CI health.

CI Visibility helps developers understand the causes of pipeline disruptions and monitor trends in pipeline execution times. It also offers build engineers insights into cross-organization CI health and pipeline performance over time.

Improve pipeline reliability and create traces

CI Visibility helps you troubleshoot pipeline failures and broken builds by connecting the most significant development outages to the commits that caused them. You can instrument your pipelines and trace them as they execute, enabling deeper insights into pipeline performance.

Increase efficiency through seamless integrations

Datadog integrates with a variety of CI providers to collect metrics that track the performance of your CI pipelines from commit to deployment. These metrics are used to identify performance trends and improvement opportunities.

aws codepipeline
azure devops extension
circleci orb
github actions

You can use the datadog-ci CLI to trace commands and add custom tags and measures, which allows you to add user-defined text and numerical tags in your pipeline traces.

Ready to start?

Visit Pipeline Visibility for instructions on setting up CI Visibility with your CI providers, including details on compatibility requirements and steps for configuring data collection. Then, start exploring details about your pipeline executions in the CI Visibility Explorer and export your search query into a CI Pipeline Monitor.

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