Build Datadog Agent image

Follow the instructions below to build the Datadog Docker Agent image for a given <AGENT_VERSION> Agent version (above v6.0).

  1. Clone the Datadog Agent repository:

    git clone
  2. Go into the datadog-agent/Dockerfiles/agent/ folder:

    cd datadog-agent/Dockerfiles/agent/
  3. Switch to the Agent version branch you want to build the Agent from:

    git branch <AGENT_VERSION> && git checkout <AGENT_VERSION>
  4. Download the Agent Debian package that corresponds to the Agent version you want. Choose between the AMD and ARM architecture:

    curl<AGENT_VERSION>-1_amd64.deb -o datadog-agent_<AGENT_VERSION>-1_amd64.deb
    curl<AGENT_VERSION>-1_arm64.deb -o datadog-agent_<AGENT_VERSION>-1_arm64.deb

    Note: The full list of Debian packages available can be found on this APT listing.

  5. Build the Agent image by running:

    docker build --build-arg <BUILD_ARGS> --file amd64/Dockerfile --pull --tag <IMAGE_TAG> .
    docker build --build-arg <BUILD_ARGS> --file arm64/Dockerfile --pull --tag <IMAGE_TAG> .

    For instance to build the Agent version 7.17.0 on the AMD architecture you would run:

    docker build --build-arg DD_AGENT_ARTIFACT=./datadog-agent_7.17.0-1_amd64.deb --file amd64/Dockerfile --pull --tag documentation-example .

    Available <BUILD_ARGS> are:

    PYTHON_VERSIONThe Python runtime version for your Agent check.-
    WITH_JMXIf set to true, the Agent container contains the JMX fetch logic.false
    DD_AGENT_ARTIFACTPath to the Agent Debian artifact package to use if not in the same folder.-