function name and parameters should use snake_case


ID: python-code-style/function-naming

Language: Python

Severity: Notice

Category: Code Style


Ensure that function use snake_case.

This rule is not valid for tests files (prefixed by test_ or suffixed by because testing requires some camel case methods, such as, tearDown, setUp, and more.

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Non-Compliant Code Examples

def my_function(myParameter, otherParameter):
def myFunction(arg1, arg2):

def myOtherFunction():

Compliant Code Examples

# name used in many testing frameworks. Do not warn on it
def tearDown(self):
    """After each test case, reset and remove the dummy tracer"""
    super(TracerTestCase, self).tearDown()
class TestModel(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):  # used in a file, skip the rule for setUp and tearDown

    def tearDown(self):  # used in a file, skip the rule for setUp and tearDown

    def test_violation_category(self):
        self.assertEqual(ViolationCategory.BEST_PRACTICE.value, 1)
        self.assertEqual(ViolationCategory.DESIGN.value, 2)
        v1 = Violation("bla", 1, "description", 2, ViolationCategory.BEST_PRACTICE, 10, "notool")
        self.assertEqual(v1.get_category_string(), "Best Practices")
        v1 = Violation("bla", 1, "description", 2, 1, 10, "notool")
        self.assertEqual(v1.get_category_string(), "Unknown")