Billing and invoices

As an Account Owner, you can make changes to your subscription and payment methods at any time.

Subscriptions created through the AWS Marketplace are managed through your Marketplace Account.
Cloudcraft's subscription management interface showing Pro Monthly plan details, trial status, and payment information with a Visa card.

View, print, and configure receipts

  1. Navigate to User > Subscription settings.
  2. To view, download, or print receipts for past payments, click Billing history.
  3. To configure receipts to be emailed to you each month, or include additional billing information, such as your company address or VAT ID, click Receipt settings.

You can use this template to improve your receipts.

Bill from:
Datadog, Inc.
620 8th Avenue, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10018, USA

Bill to:
Your company details

Update payment details

  1. Navigate to User > Subscription settings.
  2. Click Edit card.
  3. Enter your new card details, then click Update payment info.

Switch to annual payment

You can switch to paying your subscription annually at any time.

  1. Navigate to User > Subscription settings.
  2. Click Change plan, then toggle the switch from Monthly to Annual.
  3. Click Continue, then click Confirm.
Screenshot of Cloudcraft's Pro Team subscription plan details highlighting annual cost, key features like AWS sync, priority support, and collaboration options for two users.

To pay via check or bank transfer, get in touch with Cloudcraft’s sales team and they will help you switching to invoice payments.

Any already paid for subscription period will be fully prorated, and the remaining credit will be automatically applied towards the next billing cycle.