Rate Limits

Many API endpoints are rate limited. Once you exceed a certain number of requests in a specific period, Datadog returns an error.

If you are rate limited, you can see a 429 in the response code. You can either wait the designated time by the X-RateLimit-Period before making calls again, or switch to making calls at a frequency slightly longer than the X-RateLimit-Limit or X-RateLimit-Period.

Rate limits can be increased from the defaults by contacting the Datadog support team.

Regarding the API rate limit policy:

  • Datadog does not rate limit on data point/metric submission (see metrics section for more info on how the metric submission rate is handled). Limits encounter is dependent on the quantity of custom metrics based on your agreement.
  • The API for sending logs is not rate limited.
  • The rate limit for event submission is 500,000 events per hour per organization.
  • The rate limits for endpoints vary and are included in the headers detailed below. These can be extended on demand.
The list above is not comprehensive of all rate limits on Datadog APIs. If you are experiencing rate limiting, reach out to support for more information about the APIs you're using and their limits.
Rate Limit HeadersDescription
X-RateLimit-Limitnumber of requests allowed in a time period.
X-RateLimit-Periodlength of time in seconds for resets (calendar aligned).
X-RateLimit-Remainingnumber of allowed requests left in the current time period.
X-RateLimit-Resettime in seconds until next reset.
X-RateLimit-Namename of the rate limit for increase requests