Getting Integrations Working

Datadog integrations are configured through the Datadog Agent using YAML configuration files. For the path to the configuration directory for your operating system, consult the Agent Configuration Files documentation.

If an integration that you’ve configured is not showing up in Datadog, run the status CLI command and look for the integration under the Running Checks heading.

Note: Community, Partner, and Marketplace integrations are not retained when the Agent is upgraded. These integrations need to be re-installed upon upgrading the Agent version.

If the integration is listed under Running Checks, but is not visible in the Datadog app:

  1. Make sure there are no errors or warnings listed under the integration’s entry in the status output.
  2. Check the Metrics Explorer to see if system metrics are showing up from the host. For example, on the host where you configured the integration, look for system.cpu.user.
  3. If there are still no metrics, check the Datadog logs for errors and send them along with the status command output to Datadog support.

If the integration is not listed under Running Checks:

  1. Make sure that the configuration file for the integration is in the right location and named correctly.
  2. Consult the documentation for the integration to check that you’ve configured it correctly.
  3. Check the configuration file using a YAML parser to make sure the YAML is valid.
  4. Each time you move or change the file, restart the Agent and run the status command again to check for changes.
  5. If you still can’t get the integration to appear in the status output, check the Datadog Logs for errors and send them to Datadog support.

Further Reading