Use Python 3 with Datadog Agent v6
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Use Python 3 with Datadog Agent v6

Starting with v6.14.0, the Agent v6 integrates both Python 2 and Python 3 runtimes. This means that Agent Checks can be run either with Python 2 or Python 3, depending on the Agent configuration.

By default, the Agent v6 uses the Python 2 runtime. To switch to the Python 3 runtime:

  1. Set the python_version configuration option in your datadog.yaml configuration file:

    python_version: 3
  2. Restart the Agent.

Alternatively, the DD_PYTHON_VERSION environment variable can be set to 2 or 3 to choose which Python runtime is used. If it is set, the python_version option in datadog.yaml is ignored.

This is an Agent-wide configuration option: all Python checks launched by an Agent use the same Python runtime.

Since the only change between Agent v6.x and Agent v7.x is that the Agent v7.x includes the Python 3 runtime, contrary to Agent v6.x which includes only the Python 2 runtime, you can switch Python runtimes by switching Agent versions. To switch from one Python runtime to another, choose the appropriate Agent image:

  • Python 2 runtime: Agent v6 images have the following format: datadog/agent:6.<AGENT_MINOR_VERSION>, or datadog/agent:6.<AGENT_MINOR_VERSION>-jmx for images supporting JMX checks.

  • Python 3 runtime: Agent v7 images have the following format: datadog/agent:7.<AGENT_MINOR_VERSION>, or datadog/agent:7.<AGENT_MINOR_VERSION>-jmx for images supporting JMX checks.

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