Cluster Agent Commands and Options

Cluster Agent Commands and Options

Cluster Agent commands

The available commands for the Datadog Cluster Agents are:

datadog-cluster-agent statusGives an overview of the components of the Agent and their health.
datadog-cluster-agent metamap <NODE_NAME>Queries the local cache of the mapping between the pods living on NODE_NAME, and the cluster level metadata they are associated with (e.g., endpoints). Not specifying the NODE_NAME runs the mapper on all the nodes of the cluster.
datadog-cluster-agent flare <CASE_ID>Similarly to the node-based Agent, the Cluster Agent can aggregate the logs and the configurations used and forward an archive to the support team, or be deflated and used locally. Note: this command runs from within the Cluster Agent pod.

Cluster Agent options

The following environment variables are supported:

DD_API_KEYYour Datadog API key.
DD_HOSTNAMEHostname to use for the Datadog Cluster Agent.
DD_ENVSets the env tag for data emitted by the Cluster Agent. Recommended only if the Cluster Agent monitors services within a single environment.
DD_CLUSTER_AGENT_CMD_PORTPort for the Datadog Cluster Agent to serve. Defaults to 5005.
DD_USE_METADATA_MAPPEREnables cluster level metadata mapping. Defaults to true.
DD_COLLECT_KUBERNETES_EVENTSConfigures the Agent to collect Kubernetes events. Defaults to false. See the Event collection documentation for more details.
DD_LEADER_ELECTIONActivates leader election. Set DD_COLLECT_KUBERNETES_EVENTS to true to activate this feature. Defaults to false.
DD_LEADER_LEASE_DURATIONUsed only if leader election is activated. See the details in the leader election section. Value in seconds, 60 by default.
DD_CLUSTER_AGENT_AUTH_TOKEN32 characters long token that needs to be shared between the node Agent and the Datadog Cluster Agent.
DD_KUBE_RESOURCES_NAMESPACEConfigures the namespace where the Cluster Agent creates the configmaps required for the leader election, event collection (optional), and horizontal pod autoscaling.
DD_CLUSTER_AGENT_KUBERNETES_SERVICE_NAMEName of the Kubernetes service through which Cluster Agents are exposed. Defaults to datadog-cluster-agent.
DD_KUBERNETES_INFORMERS_RESYNC_PERIODFrequency (in seconds) for querying the API server to resync the local cache. The default is 5 minutes, or 300 seconds.
DD_KUBERNETES_INFORMERS_RESTCLIENT_TIMEOUTTimeout (in seconds) of the client communicating with the API server. Defaults to 60 seconds.
DD_EXPVAR_PORTPort for fetching expvar public variables from the Datadog Cluster Agent. Defaults to port 5000.
DD_EXTERNAL_METRICS_PROVIDER_BATCH_WINDOWTime waited (in seconds) to process a batch of metrics from multiple autoscalers. Defaults to 10 seconds.
DD_EXTERNAL_METRICS_PROVIDER_MAX_AGEMaximum age (in seconds) of a datapoint before considering it invalid to be served. Default to 120 seconds.
DD_EXTERNAL_METRICS_AGGREGATORAggregator for Datadog metrics. Applies to all autoscalers processed. Choose from sum/avg/max/min.
DD_EXTERNAL_METRICS_PROVIDER_BUCKET_SIZESize of the window (in seconds) used to query metrics from Datadog. Defaults to 300 seconds.
DD_EXTERNAL_METRICS_LOCAL_COPY_REFRESH_RATERate to resync local cache of processed metrics with the global store. Useful when there are several replicas of the Cluster Agent.
DD_CLUSTER_CHECKS_ENABLEDEnable Cluster Check Autodiscovery. Defaults to false.
DD_EXTRA_CONFIG_PROVIDERSAdditional Autodiscovery configuration providers to use.
DD_EXTRA_LISTENERSAdditional Autodiscovery listeners to run.
DD_CLUSTER_NAMECluster name. Added as an instance tag to all cluster check configurations.
DD_CLUSTER_CHECKS_CLUSTER_TAG_NAMEName of the instance tag set with the DD_CLUSTER_NAME option. Defaults to cluster_name.
DD_CLUSTER_CHECKS_NODE_EXPIRATION_TIMEOUTTime (in seconds) after which node-based Agents are considered down and removed from the pool. Defaults to 30 seconds.
DD_CLUSTER_CHECKS_WARMUP_DURATIONDelay (in seconds) between acquiring leadership and starting the Cluster Checks logic, allowing for all node-based Agents to register first. Default is 30 seconds.
DD_CLUSTER_CHECKS_EXTRA_TAGSAdds extra tags to cluster checks metrics.

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