Microsoft SCCM (Systems Center Configuration Manager) is a configuration management solution that comes packaged with Microsoft’s Systems Center suite of tools. This page covers installing and configuring the Datadog Agent using SCCM.


  • The Agent supports SCCM version 2103 or greater.
  • Before you install the Agent, make sure you’ve installed and configured Distribution Points in Configuration Manager.


Create a deployable Datadog Agent application

  1. Download the latest Windows Datadog Agent installer file (MSI) to the SCCM server from the Agent page.

  2. In SCCM, create an application and use the location of the Datadog Agent MSI.

    Create a new application and use the Datadog Agent MSI as the target MSI.

  3. Click Next until you get to the General Information page.

  4. Under Installation program, paste the following command, replacing MY_API_KEY with your API key:

    start /wait msiexec /qn /i datadog-agent-7-latest.amd64.msi APIKEY="MY_API_KEY" SITE=""

    For more installation options, see full list of installation variables.

  5. Ensure that Install behavior is set to Install for system.

  6. Click Next and follow the prompts to create the application.

    Enter an installation program command and ensure that the install behavior is set to install for system.

  7. To verify the application has been created, look for it in Software Library > Overview > Application Management > Applications.

Deploy the Datadog Agent application

Before deploying the Datadog Agent application, make sure you've installed and configured Distribution Points in Configuration Manager
  1. Go to Software Library > Overview > Application Management > Applications and select the Datadog Agent application you created earlier.
  2. From the Home tab in the Deployment group, select Deploy.

Agent configuration

SCCM packages allow you to deploy configuration files to your Datadog Agents, overwriting their default settings. An Agent configuration consists of a datadog.yaml configuration file and optional conf.yaml files for each integration. You must create a package for each configuration file you want to deploy.

  1. Collect your datadog.yaml and conf.yaml files in a local SCCM machine folder. See the sample config_template.yaml file for all available configuration options.
  2. Create an SCCM Package and select Standard program.
  3. Select the location that contains the configuration file that you want to deploy to your Agents.
  4. Select a Device collection to deploy the changes to.
  5. Configure deployment settings to pre-install the package on the targets immediately.
The program type screen. Select standard program

Restart the Datadog Agent

Restart the Agent service to observe your configuration changes:

  1. Create a PowerShell script to restart the Datadog Agent using Agent commands.
  2. Run the script to restart the Datadog Agent.
  3. Check for new data in the Datadog UI.

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