Setting up Google as a SAML IdP

See the dedicated Google instructions

Service provider details

As a prerequisite, IDP initiated SSO must be checked on the Datadog SAML configuration page.

Application Name
Can be anything
Can be anything
Use the URL shown under Assertion Consumer Service URL on the SAML setup page (the one containing /id/). If there is more than one value shown for Assertion Consumer Service URL, only enter one of them here.
Entity ID
Use the URL shown under Entity ID on the SAML setup page.
Start URL
Can be blank, or use the Single Sign On Login URL listed on the SAML setup page.
Signed Response
Leave unchecked
Name ID
Select Basic Information and Primary Email

Attribute mapping

  • “urn:oid:” “Basic Information” “Primary Email”

Also add:

  • “urn:oid:” “Basic Information” “Last Name”
  • “urn:oid:” “Basic Information” “First Name”

Further Reading