Google SAML IdP

Setting up Google as a SAML IdP

See the dedicated Google instructions

Service provider details

Pre-requisite: IDP initiated SSO must be checked on Datadog SAML Configuration page

  • Application Name: Can be anything
  • Description: Can be anything
  • ACS URL: Use the url shown under “Assertion Consumer Service URL” on (the one containing /id/). If there is more than one value shown for Assertion Consumer Service URL, only enter one of them here.
  • Entity ID:
  • Start URL: Can be blank, or use the “Single Sign On Login URL” listed on and
  • Signed Response: Leave unchecked
  • Name ID: “Basic Information” “Primary Email”

Attribute mapping

  • “urn:oid:” “Basic Information” “Primary Email”

Also add:

  • “urn:oid:” “Basic Information” “Last Name”
  • “urn:oid:” “Basic Information” “First Name”

Further Reading