Organization Settings

Organization Settings

Administrators can access the organization account settings by clicking Plan & Usage from the Account menu in the left side navigation or from the “Go to organization settings” button at the top of the Account Settings page.

Plan settings

Upgrade or downgrade your account from the Plan tab on the Organization Account Settings page.

Note: Contact your account representative or to add or remove paid features that are not part of standard plans.

Usage reports

View hourly usage of your account across all billable parameters as well as the top 500 custom metrics submitted. If your organization is the parent-organization in a multi-org account, you can also view the usage of child-organization accounts. Individual child-organization accounts are isolated. They are only able to view their own usage and custom metrics.

Note: Allow up to 72 hours for this section to update.

Further detailed usage reports can also be created on request by your account representative.

Billing history

Your account billing history is available from the Billing History tab on the Organization Account Settings page. For specific billing questions, contact your account representative or

Change your organization name

To rename your organization, enter the new name, then click save. Note: Your organization name may not exceed 32 characters.

SAML settings

For more information about configuring SAML, reference the Single sign on with SAML documentation.