Estimated Usage Metrics


Datadog calculates your current estimated usage in near real-time. Estimated usage metrics enable you to:

  • Graph your estimated usage
  • Create monitors around your estimated usage based on thresholds of your choosing
  • Get monitor alerts of spikes or drops in your usage
  • Assess the potential impact of code changes on your usage in near real-time

Note: These usage metrics are estimates that are not always matched to billable usage given their real-time nature. There is a 10-20% difference between estimated usage and billable usage on average. Due to the nature of the estimations, the margin of error is larger for small usage.

Dashboard Example

Types of usage

Estimated usage metrics are generally available for the following usage types:

Usage TypeMetricDescription
Infrastructure Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.hostsUnique hosts seen in the last hour.
Containersdatadog.estimated_usage.containersUnique containers seen in the last hour.
Fargate Tasksdatadog.estimated_usage.fargate_tasksUnique Fargate Tasks seen in the last 5 minutes.
Indexed Custom Metricsdatadog.estimated_usage.metrics.custom, datadog.estimated_usage.metrics.custom.by_metricUnique indexed Custom Metrics seen in the last hour.
Ingested Custom Metricsdatadog.estimated_usage.metrics.custom.ingested, datadog.estimated_usage.metrics.custom.ingested.by_metricUnique ingested Custom Metrics seen in the last hour.
Logs Ingested Bytesdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.ingested_bytesTotal ingestion of logs in bytes.
Logs Ingested Eventsdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.ingested_eventsTotal number of ingested events, including excluded logs.
Logs Drop Countdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.drop_countTotal number of events dropped during ingestion.
Logs Truncated Countdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.truncated_countTotal number of events truncated at ingestion.
Logs Truncated Bytesdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.truncated_bytesVolume of truncated events in bytes.
Error Tracking Logs Eventsdatadog.estimated_usage.error_tracking.logs.eventsVolume of error logs ingested into Error Tracking.
Analyzed Logs (security)datadog.estimated_usage.security_monitoring.analyzed_bytesTotal ingestion of Cloud SIEM logs in bytes.
APM Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.apm_hostsUnique APM hosts seen in last hour. Does not include Azure App Services hosts.
APM Indexed Spansdatadog.estimated_usage.apm.indexed_spansTotal number of spans indexed by tag-based retention filters.
APM Ingested Bytesdatadog.estimated_usage.apm.ingested_bytesVolume of ingested spans in bytes.
APM Ingested Spansdatadog.estimated_usage.apm.ingested_spansTotal number of ingested spans.
APM Fargate Tasksdatadog.estimated_usage.apm.fargate_tasksUnique APM Fargate Tasks seen in last 5 minutes.
RUM Sessionsdatadog.estimated_usage.rum.sessionsTotal number of RUM sessions.
Serverless Lambda Functionsdatadog.estimated_usage.serverless.aws_lambda_functionsUnique serverless functions seen in the last hour.
Serverless Invocationsdatadog.estimated_usage.serverless.invocationsSum of serverless invocations in the last hour.
API test runsdatadog.estimated_usage.synthetics.api_test_runsEstimated usage for API tests.
Browser test runsdatadog.estimated_usage.synthetics.browser_test_runsEstimated usage for browser tests.
Parallel Testing Slotsdatadog.estimated_usage.synthetics.parallel_testing_slotsEstimated usage for parallel testing slots.
Network NPM hosts seen in the last hour.
Network NDM devices seen in the last hour.
Profiled Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.profiling.hostsUnique profiling hosts seen in the last hour.
Profiled Containersdatadog.estimated_usage.profiling.containersUnique profiling containers seen in last 5 minutes.
Profiler Fargate Tasksdatadog.estimated_usage.profiling.fargate_tasksUnique profiling Fargate Tasks seen in the last 5 minutes.
CSPM Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.cspm.hostsUnique CSPM hosts seen in the last hour.
CSPM Containersdatadog.estimated_usage.cspm.containersUnique CSPM containers seen in the last 5 minutes.
CWS Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.cws.hostsUnique CWS hosts seen in the last hour.
CWS Containersdatadog.estimated_usage.cws.containersUnique CWS containers seen in the last 5 minutes.
Database Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.dbm.hostsUnique DBM hosts seen in the last hour.
ASM Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.asm.hostsUnique ASM hosts seen in the last hour.
ASM Tasksdatadog.estimated_usage.asm.tasksUnique ASM Fargate Tasks seen in the last 5 minutes.
Incident Management (Active Users)datadog.estimated_usage.incident_management.active_usersActive IM users seen from (calendar) month-to-date.
CI Visibility Pipeline Committersdatadog.estimated_usage.ci_visibility.pipeline.committersPipeline committers seen from (calendar) month-to-date.
CI Visibility Test Committersdatadog.estimated_usage.ci_visibility.test.committersTest committers seen from (calendar) month-to-date.
IOT devicesdatadog.estimated_usage.iot.devicesUnique IoT devices seen in the last hour.
Observability Pipelines Ingested Bytesdatadog.estimated_usage.observability_pipelines.ingested_bytesVolume of data ingested by Observability Pipelines.
Custom of custom events submitted.
Events of data ingested by Events.
Metric Names

Multi-Org usage

For accounts with multiple organizations, you can roll up estimated usage from child organizations using the from field to monitor usage across your entire account.

Multi-Org Usage


For technical questions, contact Datadog support.

For billing questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.