Estimated Usage Metrics
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Estimated Usage Metrics


Datadog calculates your current estimated usage in near real-time. Estimated usage metrics enable you to:

  • Graph your estimated usage
  • Create monitors around your estimated usage based on thresholds of your choosing
  • Get instant alerts of spikes or drops in your usage
  • Assess the potential impact of code changes on your usage in near real-time

Note: These usage metrics are estimates that won’t always match up to billable usage given their real-time nature. There is a 10-20% difference between estimated usage and billable usage on average.

Types of usage

Estimated usage metrics are generally available for the following usage types:

Usage TypeMetric
Infrastructure Hostsdatadog.estimated_usage.hosts
Custom Metricsdatadog.estimated_usage.metrics.custom
Logs Ingested Bytesdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.ingested_bytes
Logs Ingested Eventsdatadog.estimated_usage.logs.ingested_events

Log-based usage metrics must be manually enabled from the Generate Metrics page.

Multi-Org usage

For accounts with multiple organizations, you can roll up estimated usage from child organizations using the from field to monitor usage across your entire account.


For technical questions, contact Datadog support.

For billing questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.