Serverless Billing


Purchase Serverless function invocations on Datadog Pro and Enterprise plans. Datadog bills based on the sum of AWS Lambda invocations across the month for your accounts. Pro and Enterprise plans include 150,000 Indexed Spans and 5 custom metrics per billed million invocations. Contact Sales or your Customer Success Manager for more information about adding Serverless to your account.

Note: If you are using a previous billing model for Datadog’s Serverless Monitoring and would like to move to invocation-based billing, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Serverless invocations

Datadog charges by calculating the sum of your AWS Lambda function invocations at the end of the month.

For Serverless pricing information, see the Datadog pricing page.

Tracking usage

You can track the number of billable Serverless invocations in your account by checking the Datadog Usage Page. You can see both the Month-To-Date summary, as well as usage over time.

To control the functions whose invocations Datadog is monitoring, filter out particular functions by sorting by tag with the UI or by using the API.

Note: It takes some time for the excluded functions to disappear from the Datadog serverless page and Datadog usage page. Verify the filtering rules by checking the aws.lambda.invocations metric for the filtered functions. When Datadog stops monitoring a function, the value of aws.lambda.invocations falls to 0.


To use the UI to control which AWS Lambda functions Datadog is monitoring, navigate to the AWS Integration page and add tags as key:value sets to the to Lambdas with tag: field.

To exclude functions with a given tag, add a ! before the tag key. For example:


This filter excludes anything that is tagged with env:staging or env:test1.


To use the API to control limit which AWS Lambda functions Datadog is monitoring, reference the tag filter documentation.


For technical questions, contact Datadog support.

For billing questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.