Credit Card Billing


Datadog accepts payment by credit card through the Plan page. Administrators can access this page by hovering over their username at the bottom left, then navigate to: Plan & Usage–> Plan.

By default, when you sign up with a credit card you are on a monthly plan. If you want to switch to an annual plan, contact your Customer Success Manager.


Payment is collected by Datadog near the 10th business day of each month. Datadog reattempts failed charges up to two more times. If you have recently changed your payment method from invoicing to credit card, connect with your Customer Success Manager to ensure past items are queued to be charged. Future bills are auto charged. Only one payment method is stored on file at a time.



Update your credit card through the Plan page by clicking the Edit button.


To remove your credit card from Datadog, first downgrade to the Free plan. Then use the Remove Card button on the Plan page.


For technical questions, contact Datadog support.

For billing questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.