Account Management

The Datadog for Government site only supports SAML login.

Personal settings

The personal settings pages in Datadog allow you to control how you appear to others in your organization, switch or leave organizations, and manage your notification preferences.


Your profile is how others in your organization recognize you in Datadog. Set or update your name, email address, and title here.

To update your picture, create an account on Gravatar and associate it with your email address.

If you log in to Datadog using Google authentication, your email address is provided by your Google account and is not editable within Datadog. To change your email address in Google, see the Google documentation.


You can set your timezone, desktop notifications, and email subscriptions from the Preferences tab within the Personal Settings page. Under email subscriptions, you have access to the following reports:

  • Daily Digest
  • Weekly Digest

If you are unsure if an email digest is relevant to you, view an example by clicking the Example link next to each email subscription. You can also use the Unsubscribe From All button to quickly unsubscribe from all email subscriptions.

You can set your timezone and desktop notifications from the Preferences tab within the Personal Settings page.


The Organizations page in Personal Settings lists all of the organizations you are associated with. Switch between these organizations from this page or by hovering over the account menu in the left-side navigation.

Note: If you leave an organization, you cannot rejoin unless invited by an administrator in that organization.

To join an existing organization, you must be invited by an administrator. Once invited, an email is sent with the subject You've been invited to join <Organization Name>. Click the Join Account button in the email.

If you are an organization administrator, reference the additional documentation to:


The Application Keys tab in Personal Settings allows you to manage your application keys. To copy a key, hover over it until the Copy Key icon appears to the right, and click on it. You can also click into a specific key to edit its name, view when it was created, view the profile of the key’s owner, copy it, or revoke it.


View Datadog in dark mode by hovering over your avatar in the sidebar, or by pressing Ctrl+Opt+D / Ctrl+Alt+D.

To adapt to your computer’s appearance setting, select the System option. This automatically matches Datadog’s appearance to the theme you’ve set at the OS level.

Connecting to GitHub

If you have installed the GitHub integration to create events in Datadog, link your personal GitHub account to your Datadog user account. By linking your accounts, any comments you post to GitHub events in Datadog are automatically posted back into the corresponding issue or pull request in GitHub.

Disabling your organization’s account

To disable your Datadog organization account, contact Datadog support.