Service Accounts for Workflows

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To add an automated trigger to a workflow, the workflow must have an associated service account. The service account is needed to:

  • resolve the connections defined in the workflow actions at runtime
  • provide an identity for workflow executions
  • provide an identity for workflow audit trails

To create a service account for a workflow, you must have either the Datadog admin role, or a custom role with the Service Account Write permission. The service account you create adopts your role and permissions. For more information on service accounts and permissions, see Service accounts.

The service account you create allows a workflow to be triggered automatically. However, individual actions in the workflow might still require Connections. For more information, see Authentication.

Associate a service account with a workflow

You can dynamically create a service account for your workflow when you add an automatic trigger. Alternatively, click on the workflow name and click Create.

Service accounts use the email address associated with your Datadog account and follow the pattern: [WF]: <your-workflow-name>.

View service account details

To view a service account’s details:

  1. On your workflow canvas, click on the automated trigger.
  2. Next to the service account, click View.
Service account details

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