Cloud Service Discovery and Additional Protocols

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Cloud service discovery and support for additional protocols and traffic encryption methods are in private beta.

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Discovering cloud services and third-party APIs

After beta access has been granted in your Datadog organization, Universal Service Monitoring discovers cloud services, such as AWS S3, and third-party API endpoints that your application depends on by observing the outbound requests sent to these services. You can view these services in the service map to understand service-to-service dependencies and get health metrics for them, including throughput, error count, and latency.

Service summary, metrics, and service map for a cloud service detected by USM

Universal Service Monitoring can discover the following third-party API endpoints: Jira, Slack, Auth0, Splunk, HubSpot, Intercom, Stripe, SendGrid, Braintree, Mapbox, Twitter (X), Palo Alto Networks, TowerData, SoundCloud, Amplitude, Render, Mixpanel, GitHub, and OpenAI.

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