Universal Service Monitoring

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Universal Service Monitoring (USM) provides visibility into your service health metrics universally across your entire stack without having to instrument your code. It relies solely on the presence of a configured Datadog Agent and Unified Service Tagging, and brings performance data about your uninstrumented services into views such as the Service Catalog and Service Map. USM also works with Deployment Tracking, Monitors, Dashboards, and SLOs.


For information about supported platforms and protocols, and for instructions on getting started, read Setting Up Universal Service Monitoring.

Beta: Additional protocols and encryption methods

USM has beta support for discovering cloud services and for decoding additional protocols and traffic encryption methods. For more information and to request access to the private beta, read Cloud Service Discovery and Additional Protocols.

Automatic service tagging

Universal Service Monitoring automatically detects services running in your infrastructure. If it does not find unified service tags, it assigns them a name based on one of the tags: app, short_image, kube_container_name, container_name, kube_deployment, kube_service.

To update the service’s name, set up Unified Service Tagging.

When Datadog automatically detects your services, the tag used for this is shown on the top of the service page

Exploring your services

After you configure the Agent, wait about five minutes for your service to appear in the Service Catalog. Click the service to see the service details page. An operation name of universal.http.server or universal.http.client in the upper left indicates that the service telemetry comes from Universal Service Monitoring.

The universal.http.server operation name captures health metrics for inbound traffic to your service. The corresponding universal.http.client operation name represents outbound traffic to other destinations.

The operation dropdown menu on the Services tab shows the available operation names

After enabling Universal Service Monitoring, you can:

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