APM metrics sent by the Datadog Agent
Incident Management is now generally available! Incident Management is now generally available!

APM metrics sent by the Datadog Agent

Find below the list of out-of-the-box tracing metrics sent by the Datadog Agent when APM is enabled. Import the APM monitoring dashboard in your Datadog account in order to get an out of the box dashboard exploiting most of those metrics.

datadog.trace_agent.cpu_percentGaugeCPU usage (in cores), e.g. 50 (half a core), 200 (two cores), 250 (2.5 cores)
datadog.trace_agent.events.max_eps.current_rateGaugeCount of APM Events per second received by the Agent
datadog.trace_agent.events.max_eps.max_rateGaugeSame as the Agent config’s max_events_per_second parameter.
datadog.trace_agent.events.max_eps.reached_maxGaugeIs set to 1 every time max_events_per_second is reached, otherwise it’s 0.
datadog.trace_agent.events.max_eps.sample_rateGaugeSample rate applied by the Agent to Events it received
datadog.trace_agent.heap_allocGaugeHeap allocations as reported by the Go runtime.
datadog.trace_agent.heartbeatGaugeIncrement by one every 10 seconds.
datadog.trace_agent.normalizer.spans_malformedCountNumber of spans having malformed fields that had to be altered in order for the system to accept them
datadog.trace_agent.obfuscationsCountIncrement by one every time an SQL obfuscation happens.
datadog.trace_agent.panicGaugeIncrement by one on every code panic.
datadog.trace_agent.ratelimitGaugeIf lower than 1, it means payloads are being refused due to high resource usage (cpu or memory).
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.errorCountNumber of times that the API rejected a payload due to an error in either decoding, formatting or other.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.events_extractedCountTotal APM events sampled.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.events_sampledCountTotal APM events sampled by the `max_events_per_second parameter sampler. |
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.oom_killCountNumber of times the Agent killed itself due to excessive memory use (150% of max_memory).
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.out_chan_fillGaugeInternal metric. Percentage of fill on the receiver’s output channel.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.payload_acceptedCountNumber of payloads accepted by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.payload_refusedCountNumber of payloads rejected by the receiver because of the sampling.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.spans_droppedCountTotal bytes of payloads dropped by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.spans_filteredCountTotal bytes of payloads filtered by the Agent
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.spans_receivedCountTotal bytes of payloads received by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.tcp_connectionsCountNumber of TCP connections coming in to the agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traceCountNumber of traces received and accepted.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_bytesCountTotal bytes of payloads accepted by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_droppedCountTraces dropped due to normalization errors.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_filteredCountTraces filtered by ignored resources (as defined in datadog.yaml file).
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_priorityCountTraces processed by priority sampler that have the priority tag.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_receivedCountNumber of traces received and accepted.
datadog.trace_agent.service_writer.servicesCountNumber of services flushed.
datadog.trace_agent.startedCountIncrement by one every time the Agent starts.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.bytesCountNumber of bytes sent (calculated after Gzip).
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.connection_fillHistogramPercentage of outgoing connections used.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.droppedCountNumber of payloads dropped due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.dropped_bytesCountNumber of bytes dropped due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.encode_msHistogramTime it took to encode a stats payload.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.errorsCountErrors that could not be retried.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.queue_fillHistogramPercentage of queue filled.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.retriesCountNumber of retries on failures to the Datadog API
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.splitsCountNumber of times a payload was split into multiple ones.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.stats_bucketsCountNumber of stats buckets flushed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.bytesCountNumber of bytes sent (calculated after Gzip).
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.bytes_estimatedCountNumber of bytes estimated by Agent internal algorithm.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.bytes_uncompressedCountNumber of bytes sent (calculated before Gzip).
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.compress_msGaugeNumber of miliseconds it took to compress an encoded trace payload.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.connection_fillHistogramPercentage of outgoing connections used by the trace writer.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.droppedCountNumber of dropped payloads due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.dropped_bytesCountNumber of dropped bytes due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.encode_msGaugeNumber of miliseconds it took to encode a trace payload.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.errorsCountErrors that could not be retried.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.eventsCountNumber of events processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.flush_durationGaugeTime it took to flush a payload to the Datadog API.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.payloadsCountNumber of payloads processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.payloadsCountNumber of payloads sent.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.queue_fillHistogramPercentage of outgoing payload queue fill.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.retriesCountNumber of retries on failures to the Datadog API.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.spansCountNumber of spans processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.tracesCountNumber of traces processed.