Usage Metrics

Usage Metrics

If, when you monitor your APM and indexed span usage, the numbers are not in line with your expectations, or you want to change your ingestion or retention rates, see the retention filters or ingestion control documentation.

This document details the available metrics and default dashboard for monitoring ingested and indexed span consumption. Datadog APM plans come with included indexed and ingested spans. For more information, refer to our pricing documentation, or view some example pricing scenarios.

Trace analytics usage dashboard

Datadog provides an out-of-the-box Usage Dashboard for monitoring your APM usage, as well as your ingested and indexed span volumes.

Each metric on this dashboard is powered by one of the below three Datadog standard metrics available in your account.

  • datadog.estimated_usage.apm.ingested_bytes
  • datadog.estimated_usage.apm.ingested_spans
  • datadog.estimated_usage.apm.indexed_spans

The metrics datadog.estimated_usage.apm.ingested_spans and datadog.estimated_usage.apm.indexed_spans are tagged by env and service to help you determine if you should fine-tune ingestion or indexing controls for particular environments and services. Use these metrics within our default dashboard or create your own dashboards and monitors to detect retention filter misconfiguration or set thresholds for monitors.

The default Trace Analytics Dashboard has several groups of widgets to see at a glance where the most ingested and indexed spans are coming from. This dashboard includes top lists for env, service and unique env and service combinations as mentioned above.

Note: Billing is based on bytes, but both bytes and span breakdowns are available on the dashboard.

Indexed spans

Each retention filter set on your services, including the default Datadog Intelligent Retention Filter, results in an increase to the number of Indexed Spans for your Datadog account.

Because Indexed Spans can impact your bill, the ‘Spans Indexed’ column appears alongside each filter you set, showing the number of spans indexed based on the timeframe selected for that filter.

Note: The Datadog Intelligent Retention Filter on its own will not cause any bill outside of the included Indexed Spans with your APM Host pricing.

Note: Admin rights are required to create, modify, or disable retention filters.