The Datadog APM tracer supports extraction and injection of B3 and W3C Trace Context headers for distributed tracing.

Distributed headers injection and extraction is controlled by configuring injection/extraction styles. Supported styles are: tracecontext, datadog, B3, and B3 single header.

  • Configure injection styles using the DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE_INJECT=tracecontext,B3 environment variable.
  • Configure extraction styles using the DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE_EXTRACT=tracecontext,B3 environment variable.
  • Configure both injection and extraction styles using the DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE=tracecontext,B3 environment variable.

The values of these environment variables are comma-separated lists of header styles enabled for injection or extraction. By default, the datadog,tracecontext styles are enabled.

To disable trace context propagation, set the value of the environment variables to none.

  • Disable injection styles using the DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE_INJECT=none environment variable.
  • Disable extraction styles using the DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE_EXTRACT=none environment variable.
  • Disable all trace context propagation (both inject and extract) using the DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE=none environment variable.

If multiple environment variables are set, DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE_INJECT and DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE_EXTRACT override any value provided in DD_TRACE_PROPAGATION_STYLE.

If multiple extraction styles are enabled, extraction attempts are made in the order that those styles are specified. The first successfully extracted value is used.

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