(Legacy) Ruby Compatibility Requirements

This documentation is for ddtrace gem v1.x. If you are using the datadog gem v2.0 or later, see the latest Ruby Compatibility Requirements documentation.


The Ruby Datadog Trace library is open source. See the dd-trace-rb GitHub repository for more information.

Supported Ruby interpreters

TypeDocumentationVersionSupport typeGem version support
2.2Full (except for Profiling)Latest
2.1Full (except for Profiling)Latest
2.0EOL since June 7th, 2021< 0.50.0
1.9.3EOL since August 6th, 2020< 0.27.0
1.9.1EOL since August 6th, 2020< 0.27.0

Supported web servers

TypeDocumentationVersionSupport type
Pumahttp://puma.io/2.16+ / 3.6+Full
Unicornhttps://bogomips.org/unicorn/4.8+ / 5.1+Full

Supported tracing frameworks

TypeDocumentationVersionGem version support
OpenTracinghttps://github.com/opentracing/opentracing-ruby0.4.1+>= 0.16.0

Full support indicates all tracer features are available.

Deprecated indicates support will transition to Maintenance in a future release.

Maintenance indicates only critical bugfixes are backported until EOL.

EOL indicates support is no longer provided.

Apple macOS support

Use of ddtrace on macOS is supported for development, but not for production deployments.

Microsoft Windows support

Using ddtrace on Microsoft Windows is currently unsupported. We’ll still accept community contributions and issues, but will consider them as having low priority.


For a list of available integrations, and their configuration options, refer to the following:

NameKeyVersions Supported: MRIVersions Supported: JRubyHow to configureGem source
Action Cableaction_cable>= 5.0>= 5.0LinkLink
Action Maileraction_mailer>= 5.0>= 5.0LinkLink
Action Packaction_pack>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
Action Viewaction_view>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
Active Jobactive_job>= 4.2>= 4.2LinkLink
Active Model Serializersactive_model_serializers>= 0.9>= 0.9LinkLink
Active Recordactive_record>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
Active Supportactive_support>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
AWSaws>= 2.0>= 2.0LinkLink
Concurrent Rubyconcurrent_ruby>= 0.9>= 0.9LinkLink
Dallidalli>= 2.0>= 2.0LinkLink
DelayedJobdelayed_job>= 4.1>= 4.1LinkLink
Elasticsearchelasticsearch>= 1.0>= 1.0LinkLink
Ethonethon>= 0.11>= 0.11LinkLink
Exconexcon>= 0.50>= 0.50LinkLink
Faradayfaraday>= 0.14>= 0.14LinkLink
Grapegrape>= 1.0>= 1.0LinkLink
GraphQLgraphql>= 1.7.9>= 1.7.9LinkLink
gRPCgrpc>= 1.7gem not availableLinkLink
hanamihanami>= 1, < 2>= 1, < 2LinkLink
http.rbhttprb>= 2.0>= 2.0LinkLink
httpclienthttpclient>= 2.2>= 2.2LinkLink
httpxhttpx>= 0.11>= 0.11LinkLink
Kafkaruby-kafka>= 0.7.10>= 0.7.10LinkLink
Makara (via Active Record)makara>= 0.3.5>= 0.3.5LinkLink
MongoDBmongo>= 2.1>= 2.1LinkLink
MySQL2mysql2>= 0.3.21gem not availableLinkLink
Net/HTTPhttp(Any supported Ruby)(Any supported Ruby)LinkLink
OpenSearchopensearch-ruby>= 1.0.0>= 1.0.0LinkLink
Postgrespg>= 0.18.4gem not availableLinkLink
Prestopresto>= 0.5.14>= 0.5.14LinkLink
Qlessqless>= 0.10.0>= 0.10.0LinkLink
Queque>= 1.0.0.beta2>= 1.0.0.beta2LinkLink
Racecarracecar>= 0.3.5>= 0.3.5LinkLink
Rackrack>= 1.1>= 1.1LinkLink
Railsrails>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
Rakerake>= 12.0>= 12.0LinkLink
Redisredis>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
Resqueresque>= 1.0>= 1.0LinkLink
Rest Clientrest-client>= 1.8>= 1.8LinkLink
Rodaroda>= 2.1, <4>= 2.1, <4LinkLink
Sequelsequel>= 3.41>= 3.41LinkLink
Shoryukenshoryuken>= 3.2>= 3.2LinkLink
Sidekiqsidekiq>= 3.5.4>= 3.5.4LinkLink
Sinatrasinatra>= 1.4>= 1.4LinkLink
Sneakerssneakers>= 2.12.0>= 2.12.0LinkLink
Stripestripe>= 5.15.0>= 5.15.0LinkLink
Sucker Punchsucker_punch>= 2.0>= 2.0LinkLink

CI visibility integrations

These are the available CI visibility integrations:

NameKeyVersions Supported: MRIVersions Supported: JRubyHow to configureGem source
Cucumbercucumber>= 3.0>= 1.7.16LinkLink
RSpecrspec>= 3.0.0>= 3.0.0LinkLink