Setting up Service Catalog


On the Service Catalog page, if the Registered column has a green check mark, the corresponding service has been registered with the catalog, and you can use the API to update the service definition.

For services that already send APM data

Any service that sends tracing data to Datadog APM is automatically listed in the Service Catalog. Until you register it, it shows a gray check mark when you hover over it.

To register the service and add ownership information, related links such as runbooks, and links to source code repositories, update the service definition.

Go to Service Catalog > Get Started to get help forming valid JSON to post with the API.

For all other services you want to catalog

If the service, API, or custom library you are interested in is not listed on the catalog page:

  1. Go to Get Started.

  2. The Register Services form helps you generate JSON that you can post to Service Catalog API endpoint. Provide a service name in the dd-service field. Fill in ownership, source, and other service information in the Service Definition schema presented. Refer to the full JSON schema on GitHub for complete details.

  3. Click the Copy button to copy the generated JSON. Send this as the body of a POST API call with the Service Definition API.

Discover services being reported in other Datadog telemetry data

This feature is in beta.

To discover other services through existing Datadog telemetry such as infrastructure metrics, go to the Discover Services tab and follow instructions there. Discovery uses the DD_SERVICE Unified Service Tagging convention to locate services sending data to your Datadog organization.

Further reading

Additional helpful documentation, links, and articles: