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APM metrics sent by the Datadog Agent

Find below the list of out-of-the-box metrics sent by the Datadog Agent when APM is enabled:

Metric NameTypeDescription
datadog.trace_agent.obfuscationsCountIncrement by one every time an SQL obfuscation happens.
datadog.trace_agent.startedCountIncrement by one every time the Agent starts.
datadog.trace_agent.panicGaugeIncrement by one on every code panic.
datadog.trace_agent.heartbeatGaugeIncrement by one every 10 seconds.
datadog.trace_agent.heap_allocGaugeHeap allocations as reported by the Go runtime.
datadog.trace_agent.cpu_percentGaugeCPU usage (in cores), e.g. 50 (half a core), 200 (two cores), 250 (2.5 cores)
datadog.trace_agent.ratelimitGaugeIf lower than 1, it means payloads are being refused due to high resource usage (cpu or memory).
datadog.trace_agent.normalizer.spans_malformedCountNumber of spans having malformed fields that had to be altered in order for the system to accept them
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traceCountNumber of traces received and accepted.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_receivedCountSame as above
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_droppedCountTraces dropped due to normalization errors.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_filteredCountTraces filtered by ignored resources (as defined in datadog.yaml file).
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_priorityCountTraces processed by priority sampler that have the priority tag.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.traces_bytesCountTotal bytes of payloads accepted by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.spans_receivedCountTotal bytes of payloads received by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.spans_droppedCountTotal bytes of payloads dropped by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.spans_filteredCountTotal bytes of payloads filtered by the Agent
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.events_extractedCountTotal APM events sampled.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.events_sampledCountTotal APM events sampled by the max_events_per_second parameter sampler.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.payload_acceptedCountNumber of payloads accepted by the Agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.payload_refusedCountNumber of payloads rejected by the receiver because of the sampling.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.errorCountNumber of times that the API rejected a payload due to an error in either decoding, formatting or other.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.oom_killCountNumber of times the Agent killed itself due to excessive memory use (150% of max_memory).
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.tcp_connectionsCountNumber of TCP connections coming in to the agent.
datadog.trace_agent.receiver.out_chan_fillGaugeInternal metric. Percentage of fill on the receiver’s output channel.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.flush_durationGaugeTime it took to flush a payload to the Datadog API.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.encode_msGaugeNumber of miliseconds it took to encode a trace payload.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.compress_msGaugeNumber of miliseconds it took to compress an encoded trace payload.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.payloadsCountNumber of payloads processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.connection_fillHistogramPercentage of outgoing connections used by the trace writer.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.queue_fillHistogramPercentage of outgoing payload queue fill.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.droppedCountNumber of dropped payloads due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.dropped_bytesCountNumber of dropped bytes due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.payloadsCountNumber of payloads sent.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.tracesCountNumber of traces processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.eventsCountNumber of events processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.spansCountNumber of spans processed.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.bytesCountNumber of bytes sent (calculated after Gzip).
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.bytes_uncompressedCountNumber of bytes sent (calculated before Gzip).
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.bytes_estimatedCountNumber of bytes estimated by Agent internal algorithm.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.retriesCountNumber of retries on failures to the Datadog API.
datadog.trace_agent.trace_writer.errorsCountErrors that could not be retried.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.stats_bucketsCountNumber of stats buckets flushed.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.bytesCountNumber of bytes sent (calculated after Gzip).
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.retriesCountNumber of retries on failures to the Datadog API
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.splitsCountNumber of times a payload was split into multiple ones.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.errorsCountErrors that could not be retried.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.encode_msHistogramTime it took to encode a stats payload.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.connection_fillHistogramPercentage of outgoing connections used.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.queue_fillHistogramPercentage of queue filled.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.droppedCountNumber of payloads dropped due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.stats_writer.dropped_bytesCountNumber of bytes dropped due to non retriable HTTP errors.
datadog.trace_agent.service_writer.servicesCountNumber of services flushed. as the Agent config’s max_events_per_second parameter. set to 1 every time max_events_per_second is reached, otherwise it’s 0. of APM Events per second received by the Agent rate applied by the Agent to Events it received
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