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APM Events

What are APM Events?

An APM event is generated every time a trace is generated. It corresponds to all the metadata of the trace, plus the top span of the trace.

Why aren’t APM events just traces? Because traces get sampled and APM events don’t, and we only keep the top span information for the APM event, not the full trace.

APM Events can be enriched with custom metadata, like customer, service, country, billing plan, request duration, and product type. You can then filter and query on this metadata in the Trace Search & Analytics UI.

Enriching your APM events

To add some tags to your APM events, add tags in your HTTP middleware in order to attach them to the first span. For example, in Rails you would do:

class Middleware
  def initialize(app)
    @app = app

  def call(env)
    # retrieve the current active Span
    tracer = Datadog.configuration[:rack][:tracer]
    span = tracer.active_span
    # set your tags
    span.set_tag("customer_id", 42)
    span.set_tag("customer_name", "AcmeCorp")

Alternatively, use a Tracer Processor before traces are flushed to the Datadog Agent. In your Rails initializer add:

  # alter the Span updating tags only for 'rack.request' do |span|
    span.set_tag("customer_id", 42) if == 'rack.request'

Each unique request generates an APM Event. These are sent to Datadog un-sampled so you can explore the full volume of requests received by your service.

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