APM & Distributed Tracing
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APM & Distributed Tracing

Datadog APM & Distributed Tracing gives deep visibility into your applications with out-of-the-box performance dashboards for web services, queues and databases to monitor requests, errors, and latency. Distributed traces seamlessly correlate to browser sessions, logs, synthetic checks, network, processes and infrastructure metrics across hosts, containers, proxies, and serverless functions. Search 100% of ingested traces live with no sampling during an outage, while Datadog intelligently retains traces that represent an error, high latency, or unique code paths for analysis.

Getting Started

As you transition from monoliths to microservices, setting up Datadog APM across hosts, containers or serverless functions takes just minutes.

1. Configure the Datadog Agent

Install and configure the Datadog Agent in AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, ECS, Fargate, PCF, Heroku, on-prem and more.

2. Instrument Your Application

Add a tracing library to your application or proxy service to start sending traces to the Datadog Agent.

Explore Datadog APM

Now that you’ve configured your application to send traces to Datadog, start getting insights into your application performance:

Service Map

Understand service dependencies with an auto-generated service map from your traces alongside service performance metrics and monitor alert statuses.

Service Map

Service Performance Dashboards

Monitor Service metrics for requests, errors and latency percentiles. Drill down into database queries or endpoints correlated with infrastructure.

Service Pages

Deployment Tracking

Monitor service performance and compare between versions for rolling, blue/green, shadow, or canary deployments.

Search on any span by any tag on 100% of your ingested traces live with no sampling for 15 minutes.

Live Search

Connect Logs and Distributed Traces

View your application logs side-by-side with the trace for a single distributed request with automatic trace-id injection.

Trace Serverless Functions

Trace across AWS Lambda and hosts to view complete traces across your hybrid infrastructure.

App Analytics

Analyze performance by application, infrastructure or custom tags such as datacenter, availability zone, deployment version, domain, user, checkout amount, customer and more.

App Analytics

Connect Synthetic Test Data and Traces

Link simulated API tests to traces to find the root cause of failures across frontend, network and backend requests.

Synthetic tests

Continuous Profiler

Improve code efficiency with an always on production profiler to pinpoint the lines of code consuming the most CPU, memory, or I/O.

Customize your Instrumentation or add OpenTracing

Seamlessly connect your instrumentation between automatic instrumentation, dd-trace-api, OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry exporters.

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